Silent installation of analycess procurement on user side

Silent installation of analycess procurement on user side

These instructions refer to bulk installations made by administrators for many users. If you are just using a few installations without a floating license service, you better use the standard approach.
This approach makes it easier to bring software (updates) directly to the users.

Install license server

You must have completed the setup on the server side. Please refer to one of the other instructions:

If you do not use a license server but local USB dongles, your server address is (default).

Download setup version

You can download the latest analycess version here: Choose the setup version (.exe).

Push file to user and execute with parameters

  1. Push the installer file to your user. This step depends on your controlling system to push new applications to the user.
  2. Execute the setup, for example:
    analycess procurement 1.4.10.exe /S /LS

This will install analycess to C:\Program Files (x86)\analycess procurement 1.4.10 and bind this installation to your license server without user interaction. I.e. the CodeMeter.ini file in the target folder will be modified to make the installation work with your license server
If you leave out the parameter /LS, the installation will be bound to the local USB dongle by default. The user can finish or modify this later.
You must grand administration rights to the installer.

Silent uninstaller

If the user already has installed analycess, a uninstaller will be executed before the installation - without user interaction. That means, the user can only install one version at once. If it necessary to have multiple installations at the same computer, please execute the installer manually or use the portable version from our download section.
The user won't lose his model files, because of the deinstallation, but the local settings, such as recent used files or window arrangement will be reset.

For more details on the installation package, please refer to "Content of the installation folder".

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