Content of the installation folder

You can download analycess procurement from This article describes what is contained in the analycess folder. Depending on you IT infrastructure this can involve some additional component.

analycess procurement

You can download two editions of analycess:

  • Setup edition: analycess procurement 1.x.y.exe (recommended) - a guided installation with integration into Windows' Start menu
  • Portable edition: - just an installation folder that you can unzip to the user's computer or to a USB flash drive

They just differ in the setup, NOT functionality.

Both editions contain files in their installation folders that can be useful for administrators:


  1. workspace\ - This folder contains the program preferences for this user. For example it saves the recently opened files. You can delete this folder to reset preferences.
  2. Analycess Procurement.exe - Main executable of analycess procurement
  3. CodeMeter.ini - This is a configuration file for the license mechanism. If you want to use a floating license server you have to modify this file. For details see the instructions in "Configuration of analycess procurement for the floating service on user side".
  4. CodeMeterCC.exe - CodeMeter ControlCenter (GUI) for CodeMeter configuration and extended license change tasks. Use "Support Center" for regular tasks instead.
  5. Support Center.cmd - An additional program for easy license updates, requests and debugging.
  6. Systeminfo for CmStick.bat - is a script that creates a text file within the same folder, namely "cmdust-output.txt". This file contains debugging information and is very useful for problem solving.
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