Requirements for a floating license server (CodeMeter)

In order to use analycess with a floating license, you must fulfill some requirements. This document describes standard approach how analycess works with a floating license service.



Requirements on server side

  • OS: Windows XP/Windows 2003 or higher, Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, Linux, Solaris
  • memory: 1024 MB (peak value)
  • CPU: >= 1 GHz
  • 1 free USB slot
  • Communication to the clients: service must listen on the TCP port 22350 (can be changed)
  • The license service software must be installed on the server.

The license server provides a service for all clients, that is used by them for all license and decrypting tasks, that must be fulfilled when analycess starts. The service is named "CodeMeter Runtime" developed by Wibu Systems AG. The USB dongle is plugged-in into the same server. By default it is communicating on TCP port 22350 with the client. On server side only CodeMeter Runtime is necessary.
As long as analycess is running for one user, it is allocating one license from the pool on server side until the user quits analycess. If the connection from client to server is interrupted, analycess will stuck after a while. When it is reestablished the user can proceed again.

Requirements on client side

  • Operating systems: Win7, Win8, Win10/11: 32 or 64 Bit, latest Service Pack must be installed
  • Memory: >= 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • CPU: >= 1GHz
  • Space on hard disk drive: 200 MB for the installation + user data
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher for creation and editing the import data
  • analycess must be copied to the local computer and must have write privileges in its own folder; i.e. no network drive, no CD.

You can configure the server connection by a config file in the analycess folder, namely CodeMeter.ini.

Used techniques

All mentioned packages and components below are embedded in each installation of analycess (and stay in the same folder). There is no need to install anything in addition.

analycess in build on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform 3.8, that is running with Java Runtime Environment 1.8.
Components implemented by Processbench (e.g. for math, GUI and persistence) are delivered encrypted. They are decrypted with the license service during the start of analycess. A component made by Wibu Systems manages the needed communication to the license service.
Moreover analycess uses standard libraries such as Apache Commons or a chart component from the BIRT project.

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